[…] For a long time the wish for a book that competes with painting, so that writing is no longer just a bridge to painting but a substitute. a book that has the visual and material qualities as well as the irreducible dimention of a painting, with its own weapons, paper ink colors characters typography. claude rutault, seconde livraison (entrée «catalogue») in : la peinture fait des vagues, Brest : musée des beaux-arts, 2007. (painting makes waves)

This exhibition focuses on a constitutive and significant part of the work of the artist: the writings. claude rutault uses, since the early 1970s, all forms of printed material (posters, catalogs, books, stapled pamphlets, invitation cards) to disseminate all kinds of texts. The concept of ​editing and publishing is at the heart of his practice.

A first exhibition of his work was held here at the cdla in the summer of 2011, based essentially around a work titled «AMZ ou le soleil brille pour tout le monde» – dé-finition / méthode 169” (AMZ or the sun shines for everyone.” – Definition / method169 ), whose premises (first text) date from 1985. Since June that year, the Cdla holds the archive of this work submitted by claude rutault and Daniel Sachedina; it became the place where the “z” part of the work is based.

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