Based upon a series of documents (catalogue and programmes published at the time and letters exchanged between Petronio and the artists involved) the exhibition at the cdla is a ‘re-creation’ of the 1969 exhibition; it is made up of works from the cdla collection as well as works on loan (herman de vries, Musée départemental d’art contemporain in Rochechouart and Centre Pompidou in Paris).

This new ‘hanging’ is partly imagined (works that could have been shown at the time) and partly true with works that were actually shown – and concerning the audio works, they have all been broadcasted in 1969 -1970 ( works by Raoul Hausmann, Timm Ulrichs, herman de vries, Carlo Belloli, John Furnival, Henri Chopin, Gil J. Wolman, Edgar Varèse).

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