herman de vries. a random sample of the seeings of my beings

352 pages format 15 × 21,5 cm. B&w offset on semi-mat white paper
Clothbound. 300 copies. isbn 978-2-917393-00-0

Price 60 euros Distributeur : Les presses du réel.
herman de vries. a random sample of the seeings of my beings

at the root of these series of photographic studies lies the fact that it is not only what one thinks or does which constructs our “concept”, our own conception of what life is; but also what one sees (hears, smells,feels). we are each in our own world. we are our own world.

it consisted of a study on the unity of man with his world. in order to objectify this research, certain points in time had been randomly chosen in advance. susanne took a photo of me while telling me “stop”, this prompted me to fix my gaze in a certain direction. she then gave me the camera and i photographed what was in my sight.

what you see here are the first series taken in 1973 and 1974 in and around our home in eschenau, but also in nepal. we made further series the following years during our travels, some in color (morocco, mauritania, sénégal, india, nepal, thaïland, laos). only a few small parts of these latter series have been published to this day.

hdv – février 2010


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