The Centre des livres d’artistes (cdla) is the home of a growing collection of artists’ books and an exhibition space dedicated exclusively to this type of publications.

The cdla is based in the centre of France, in St Yrieix la Perche, forty kilometers south west of Limoges, a region famous for its porcelain and the last home of Raoul Hausmann who died there in 1971. Since 2005, the centre occupies a building in the heart of the historical city centre, 450 square meters divided in three exhibition spaces (150 square meters on the first floor), a bookshop, a library, a space for the diffusion of videos and sound pieces, storage and conservation space for the collection, educational facilities and offices.

There are three monographic or thematic exhibitions based around the collection per year. The thematic exhibitions reveal the coherence of the collection and its evolution in time, monographic ones allow for dynamic fruitful exchanges and collaborations with artists and publishers. There are also off site exhibitions and events in the region, other parts of France and abroad. A booklet is produced for each exhibition, freely available on site or to download from the Internet. These ongoing publications constitute the catalogue of the entire collection as well as a source of reference materials for professionals and researchers.