The Collection

The collection of the cdla is fairly recent (about ten years old) and contains more than 3200 items around the themes of “landscape” and “childhood”: making it a unique and coherent collection of artists’ books, magazines, posters and other printed works as well as CDs and DVDs….

The notions of landscape and childhood are to be taken in their broadest sense: countryscape and the idea of Nature, cityscapes, the space around us, the environment, small details, fragments and traces (natural or manmade), books inspired by childhood rather than books for or about children (even though…)
The collection acquires an average of 350 items every year, which are either bought or donated.

The cdla is also the home of two sets of books of Paul-Armand Gette and Herman de vries belonging to the FNAC (national trust of contemporary art)

Around 500 artists, French and others, are represented, among them: Ida Applebroog, Herman de Vries, Peter Downsbrough, Ingo Giezendanner, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hamish Fulton, Edmund Kuppel, Lefevre Jean Claude, Richard Long, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Edward Ruscha, Colin Sackett, David Shrigley, Didier Trenet, Bernard Villers, Hans Waanders, Éric Watier.

We are particularly concerned with gathering all the publications (as far as possible) of some: among them Ida applebroog, Herman de vries, Mirtha demisache, peter downsborough.