Marianne Schuppe

Tüllinger Hügel – September 18th

I ascended through vineyards and a garden-colony, crossed an expressway and turned right to follow a soft footpath. Dog roses and old fruittrees on both sides. Noticed that the nuts on some walnut trees were not green but black.Took a side-path mounting left after 15 minutes. Looked out for a wooden cabin I had visited 15 years ago. Found it was totally hidden in a thicket of bushes.
Squeezed myself through the thicket and found the cabin destroyed, window broken, door open. Sat on the planks in front of it. A thick green wall of bushes in front of me. Impossible to view through.
A shield. I sat a while. Turning my head over my left shoulder I spotted a book lying on the floor of the destroyed cabin. Bound in beige linnen, it’s title : Wie man Freunde gewinnt ». « How to win friends ». A robin sat close on a branch. Not irritated by my presence. Dry leaves on the planks.
Rustling as I touched them. I picked up the book and went through the pages. Smell of wet old paper. A piece of paper dropped from the pages. Traces of handwritten dates from the years 1974/75. I layed the book back on the planks in the cabin. I looked at the green thicket. I passed through my ascend to this place in air and ground and noted :