Walking in Air in St-Yrieix

Walking in Air est un projet interdisciplinaire qui englobe la marche, l’écriture, la pensée, la musique, la performance et la discussion. S’appuyant sur la suggestion de Tim Ingold selon laquelle « la connaissance se forme le long des couloirs transitoires du ‘weather-world’ (monde météorologique) », le projet considère “walking in air” (Marcher dans l’air) comme un modèle de pensée spéculative, d’activité créative et de prise de conscience de notre place dans un espace de nature. Les co-organisateurs sont Will Montgomery (Royal Holloway, University of London) et Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (University for the Creative Arts, Farnham). Les participants sont issus d’un bassin international de compositeurs, d’artistes et de poètes.

Drawing on Tim Ingold’s suggestion that ‘knowledge is formed along paths
of movement in the weather-world’, the Walking in Air project considers walking in air to be a model for speculative thinking, for creative activity and for reconsidering our place within the natural environment. The co-organisers are Will Montgomery (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (University for the Creative Arts, Farnham). Participants are drawn from an international pool of composers, artists, and poets.

photos Emmanuelle Waeckerlé et Will Montgomery

Marianne Schuppe

Tüllinger Hügel – September 18th

I ascended through vineyards and a garden-colony, crossed an expressway and turned right to follow a soft footpath. Dog roses and old fruittrees on both sides. Noticed that the nuts on some walnut trees were not green but black.Took a side-path mounting left after 15 minutes. Looked out for a wooden cabin I had visited 15 years ago. Found it was totally hidden in a thicket of bushes.
Squeezed myself through the thicket and found the cabin destroyed, window broken, door open. Sat on the planks in front of it. A thick green wall of bushes in front of me. Impossible to view through.
A shield. I sat a while. Turning my head over my left shoulder I spotted a book lying on the floor of the destroyed cabin. Bound in beige linnen, it’s title : Wie man Freunde gewinnt ». « How to win friends ». A robin sat close on a branch. Not irritated by my presence. Dry leaves on the planks.
Rustling as I touched them. I picked up the book and went through the pages. Smell of wet old paper. A piece of paper dropped from the pages. Traces of handwritten dates from the years 1974/75. I layed the book back on the planks in the cabin. I looked at the green thicket. I passed through my ascend to this place in air and ground and noted :